Oil is not your enemy Oil is not your enemy

While you may be tempted to strip your skin of all oil, it’s actually a necessary element to healthy skin. Your skin secretes sebum (oil), which combines with the water produced by your sweat glands (or provided by your moisturiser) to create a barrier keeping your skin healthy, protected and balanced. When you strip your skin of all its oil it will become dry, dehydrated and can even cause your skin to compensate by producing even more oil. If you are worried about producing too much oil on your skin, avoid using harsh soaps and instead opt for a gentle cleanser like Your Everyday Cleanser to manage any excessive production of oil.

Some surprising benefits of oily skin include:

  1. Your skin may age slower – this is because the oil provides slightly more protection against external ageing factors
  2. Your age signs take longer to show up – not only will your skin age slower, but it can also take longer to show signs of ageing when it does occur. This is due to the fact that oil acts as a barrier and helps skin retain more moisture than those with a dry skin type, minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  3. More protection – those with oily skin tend to have a better protective barrier against environmental pollutants, UV rays and other stressors.

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